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In my clinic patients often have a very dramatic relief from headaches and migraines. This relief is commonly experienced in chiropractic clinics.

While there are many causes of headaches and migraines, some of which being very serious, a high percentage are be diagnosed as “cervico-genic”, meaning ”from the neck”. Commonly the pain generator is found in the upper neck bones (C1, C2, and C3). Medically it is explained very simply as a common branch in nerve flow that is pinched or irritated in the neck but creates a “radiating pain” into the head. Even though the pain comes from somewhere else, it is very real. Often these headaches can simply be recreated by a palpation of the misalignments in the neck bones. In most cases for this type of headache or migraine, a chiropractic adjustment or “realignment” or of the neck bones can create an almost instant, often dramatic, relief of headache/migraine symptoms.

In the diagnosis of “Cervicogenic Headaches”, there are many factors that affect or worsen the “pinching” of the nerves in the subluxation or “misalignment” of the spine. These include stress, repetitive activity, body mechanics, nature of onset of the original injury, muscle tightness, etc.

One very rewarding part of my job is seeing the lives of patients change who were before limited in many usual or daily activities by headaches/migraines. Many of those patients needed to hide from sound, light, smells, or activities which made headache/migraine symptoms worse. With sometimes dramatic relief they were able to return to work, school, activities of daily living, sports, and being more actively involved as parents.

Although some headache and migraine cases can be from more serious causes, usually a brief chiropractic history and palpation can show if chiropractic is the best choice of treatment. With such a high percentage of migraine and headache pain dramatically relieved with chiropractic, it is a good place to start.

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