• Dr. Brendan Krause


“Why didn’t my medical doctor tell me I could see a chiropractor when I was pregnant?” is something I hear occasionally in my clinic.

The truth is pregnant women usually need even chiropractic more because of body changes, weight change, hormone changes can make the body more subluxated or “misaligned” and often create a lot of pain and muscle spasms.

Usually the problems arise in lower back where the weight of the baby compresses lower back or hip joints, or in the upper back/ribs where the pain of the growing baby or breast enlargement pulls the body forward and creating spinal misalignments.

Adjusting expecting moms involves more specific and gentle adjustments to realign the bones. Often very little or no adjustment to lower back depending on patient presentation. Chiropractic adjusting to expecting moms is usually much more gentle, much more specific.

Although relief is often dramatic it sometimes is temporary , but for a while it is relief! I have adjusted many expecting mothers just before giving birth even on their way to hospital just to give them some relief from the pain.

Even though it is often temporary, the body changes and extra weight make chiropractic very essential to helping ease the pain with pregnancy.


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